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HALO Solutions Firm S.A.

The HALO founding team has a decade long track record of building successful emergency and medical programs in Haiti, training and advising the Haitian Police, and creating new solutions to help make a real impact on the growth of missions in Haiti. Our team is made up of USA Police, SWAT, Marine Corps special forces, doctors, and medical business entrepreneurs.  HALO, HERO and SafeRide along with other programs under our watch employs more than 25 Haitian professionals. 

Our Team

HALO Leadership


Steve Krueger 
Director of Operations 

Steve has 23 years of service in the United States Marine Corps and one year of service in Haiti in support of PNH and an active role in disaster response. His duties in the USMC include operations in Haiti, direct action missions in Iraq and village stability/direct action missions in Afghanistan. His billets range from Scout Sniper, Infantry Platoon Sgt, Marine Special Operations Team Chief and Company Operations Chief.


Dr. Coralie Caze 
Director of HALO Medical Division 

Dr. Coralie Caze, DDS graduated from the Pontificia Universidad Catolica Madre y Maestra in the Dominican Republic has been a life long resident of Haiti. She came back to her home country after completing her studies in 2016 determined to serve her community, she currently serves full time in Haiti as the Country Director of  both HALO Solutions Firm and HERO Client Rescue.


Aaron Dankers
Director of Security 

Aaron has 22 years experience in law enforcement and 8 years of service in Haiti working in security and directly alongside the PNH. His duties throughout his career include high risk SWAT operations, Undercover Narcotics Team OIC, U.S. Department of State Contractor with INL, United Nations Police Advisor, Unit Chief for the Haitian National Police, and Executive Protection Officer for high net worth individuals in Haiti. 


Hunter Picken
Director of International Sales

Hunter grew up in Haiti and has strong connections to the community with a deep understanding of local and international markets. He has created unique sales concepts for growing successful development models in Haiti, specific to health and safety with both the HALO and HERO programs. Hunter maintains his focus on new ideas that can produce a real and lasting positive impact on this country while improving the lives of all who live here. 


Tayler Jacques, RN
Chief Nursing Officer

Tayler is a USA registered nurse serving in Haiti as the Chief Nursing Officer for HALO programs, including the new Sierra Medical Centers opening in the Fall of 2023. She earned her undergraduate nursing degree from Morehead State University in 2016 and a Master’s of Science in Nursing Education from Western Governors University in 2019.  Tayler's nursing background includes experience in trauma intensive care (TICU) and acute care at University of Kentucky Healthcare, a Level 1 Trauma center. She has extensive experience working in the Haitian medical system and resides full time in Port-au-Prince. 


Kevin Rodriguez
TCCC Training Advisor

Kevin served for ten years as a Navy SEAL and a Special Operations Combat Medic, and currently serves as an active instructor with HALO / HERO for the TCCC training program for the Haitian National Police, and he provides expert consulting services to our clients for HEAT, Security Management, EXFIL planning, and more. He is a Special Operations Combat Medic, holds proficiencies as a Naval Special Warfare Communicator, Naval Special Warfare Instructor, Advanced Lead Combat Swimmer, Dive Medical Tech, Special Operations Mission Planning, Urban Tactical Driving, Primary Driver Course, Navy LA Trauma Training Course, Close Quarters Combat, Small Unit Tactics, Tactical Ground mobility, unconventional warfare, and medical capability operations. He is a current holder of NREMT-Paramedic, ACLS, BLS, and PALS. 

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