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HALO Exfil Membership

Exfiltration means to escape securely without attention from an area under enemy control. HALO offers a direct membership to access our Exfil services. This highly specialized service is available to individuals, families, schools, organizations and businesses operating in Haiti. Contact us to schedule a free consultation.

Exfil Planning

Our team will meet with you or your security directors to create specialized templates for multiple scenarios that your group may face. In the event that you need to activate Exfil Plans, HALO will respond and help you every step of the way.

Welfare Check

During a period of catastrophic system failure of normal cell and data/wifi services longer than 12 hours, a representative of HALO will visit your location to perform a welfare check and provide you with SAT communication capabilities, and activate any further assistance that you immediately need. 

Site Assessment 

A HALO Exfil Membership includes a site assessment to help evaluate your home or other location, with plans provided to increase your safety and hardness against attack. 

Armored Fleet

HALO has armored fleet of level B4 - B7 Suburbans, Tahoes, and Land Cruisers with capacity for 6 to 10 adults per vehicle. Members also have direct access to air and sea craft if required to bring your people to safety. 

Safe Houses

There may be times that you are caught off guard, and you cannot reach your base safely. Our members have access to our Safe Houses located throughout PAP and other areas of Haiti. HALO Safe Houses have security, 24/7 electricity, communication, emergency food, water, and medical  capabilities. 

International Evacuation 

HALO will coordinate your international evacuation to USA, Dominican Republic or Cuba utilizing our exclusive partnerships with emergency flight providers who activate when we need them, regardless of the situation. Cost of flight is not included, however it can average $800-$5,000 per person depending on destination and aircraft. 

What Our Clients Say


Identity withheld, Founder of a large and international recognized mission in Port-au-Prince

"We have 60 youth in our residential program in Port-au-Prince, and we are heavily invested in their health and safety. Having a HALO Exfil strategy to implement if needed provides us with priceless peace of mind during these unpredictable times we are living in Haiti."
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